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Benefits of Becoming a Partner

Unlock powerful workflows by developing on our open and robust mobile robotics platform.

Access New Sources of Data

Industrial companies are leveraging Spot to collect massive amounts of site data to optimize their operations. Spot provides a mobile platform for gathering a wide range of data in large, hazardous, or hard to access environments. Use Spot to collect data for AI-based software to enable predictive, data-driven insight.


Spot gathers data at a utility

Turn Your Sensor into a Roaming IoT Device

Handheld and fixed sensors have limitations in terms of repeatability and coverage. Equip Spot with your sensors for autonomous data collection almost anywhere. Spot allows your customers to collect data more frequently and efficiently.

Spot autonomously navigates a jobsite with a mobile laser scanning application

Quickly Integrate Your Solution

Build custom applications and payload hardware with the easy to use Developer Platform. Use the Spot Software Development Kit (SDK) to control the robot, access sensor data, and integrate with Spot’s autonomy system. Payload developers can add custom sensors or extra compute power to Spot through mechanical, electrical, communication, and software interfaces.


Spot is a agile mobile platform for industrial environments

Reach New Markets

Our partners are building entirely new business models and revenue streams based around Spot. The ease of development with the Spot platform enables partners to develop new solutions quickly, capture additional software licenses or enable a whole new model for professional services.


Develop new solutions and integrations with Spot

"We have already seen huge interest from customers in the value of the SV600 and Spot working together. With automated acoustic imaging that the SV600 brings, maintenance teams can visualize leaks or sound signature changes to factory equipment or assets, and prevent unscheduled maintenance and possible costly downtime, and at the same time improve factory safety by minimizing operator intervention. We’re very excited to partner with Boston Dynamics to bring our acoustic imaging technology to new parts of the factory floor with Spot.”

Herman Warnshuis, President, Fluke Process Instruments

"We believe robots will play a crucial role in automated construction workflows and that they will augment the human workforce by handling dirty, dull, and dangerous tasks on the construction site. Partnering with Boston Dynamics has been a very positive experience, allowing Trimble to extend our autonomous solutions from dozers, excavators, and motor graders to a more human scale."

Martin Holmgren, General Manager, Building Construction Field Solutions, Trimble

"We’ve found that the true power in partnering with Boston Dynamics is through their collaborative approach to solution engineering in the field. When our teams join forces on real customer use cases, we are able to merge the athletic intelligence of their robots with the cognitive intelligence provided by our vision models, creating a much faster path to our goal of driving business value."

Ray Popp, VP of Marketing, Chief Marketing Officer, Levatas

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As a Boston Dynamics Spot Partner, you'll be partnering with a robotics leader in advanced mobility and dexterity. Spot is a growing platform that is currently being used by some of the largest industrial clients in the world. Ecosystem partners will immediately stand out for their innovation, while positioning their product, software or service offering for long term growth. Spot's flexible SDK provides partners with an easy, open and robust platform to develop on, so that you can focus on your solution without worrying about the advanced robotic or autonomy systems.

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