Tech Talk: All About Spot's API

Tech Talk

All About Spot's API

Want to learn how Spot customers are developing tailor-made integrations to address unique business challenges?

See firsthand how Spot's accessible API enables users to:

  • Add preferred cameras & sensors for non-standard inspection applications
  • Autonomously trigger sensors & send data to analysis software
  • Create controls & autonomy systems for operating in unique terrains
  • And more


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Teach a robot dog new tricks with the Spot API

Many applications for Spot are centered around the robot's ability to collect frequent, consistent, reliable data. We've been working on tools to help customers use the Spot API to integrate machine learning (ML) into those applications, so they can make the most use of the data collected by the robot. Using Spot’s API, we integrated a machine learning model to show Spot how to play fetch.

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Join our technical experts to learn how we're solving the challenging problem of mobile manipulation, get a look at the user interface for both semi-autonomous actions and telemanipulation, and see how the API allows developers to open doors, as well as pick, push, place, and drag objects through simple programs.

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