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Spot on a construction site with Virginia Tech researchers
Case Study 6 minute read Automation

Virginia Tech

Through a partnership with a private construction management company, Virginia Tech researchers are exploring how Spot can improve operations at construction sites.

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Ask a Roboticist: Meet Tom

An engineer talking to camera

Meet Tom, a software engineer at Boston Dynamics, as he shares insights on programming and testing the practical—and impractical—applications of robotics.

An mobile alert about a thermal event
Blog 4 minute read Automation

Why Thermal Inspections Matter

For process manufacturers, one of the most reliable ways of catching issues in the factory before they become failures is to detect when a piece of equipment is operating outside of its normal para

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Spot in a semiconductor fab with a thermal camera payload
Case Study 3 minutes long Operations


GlobalFoundries (GF), a global semiconductor manufacturer, has turned to Spot to further automate their data collection for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

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