Spot's versatile capabilities are adding value in a variety of industries ranging from construction to oil and gas, energy, utility, public safety, mining, entertainment, and research. Customers in all of these industries are exploring what Spot's state-of-the-art technology can do.

Site Documentation

Integrate Spot with a 360° camera and site documentation software to reduce time required to capture data and enhance employee productivity in documenting and managing site progress.

Learn how Pomerleau uses HoloBuilder's Spot integration to save 20 hours of employee time per week documenting a 500,000 sqft. project.

Digital Twin Creation

Equip Spot with a laser scanner and program routine scanning routes to create digital twins of worksites and identify rework sooner.

Learn how FARO and Trimble integrate with Spot to automate site scanning.

Gauge Reading

Attach a Spot CAM to the base platform to collect color visuals and read analog gauges measuring pressure, flow, temperature, and more. Attach a PTZ to the Spot CAM to get 30x optical zoom and inspect gauges from afar.

Learn how Cognite integrates with Spot to process visuals on AkerBP's sites.

Leak Detection

Add processing to visuals collected by the Spot CAM payload to detect water and steam leaks around plants and note equipment with degraded performance.

Noise Anomaly Detection

Equip Spot with a microphone or utilize the one on the Spot CAM to detect abnormal operating noises like ticking, grinding, or whirring.

Thermal Inspection

Equip Spot with a thermal camera to detect issue-indicating hot spots on machines or electrical conductors.

Gas Detection

Equip Spot with a gas sensor to detect dangerous leaks earlier without risk to humans or animals.

Radiation Detection

Equip Spot with a radiation sensor to detect hazardous levels in nuclear reactors or near disaster sites.

Tunnel Inspection

Drive Spot underground remotely post-blast to look for cracks and instabilities and ensure safe conditions for workers.

Search and Alert

Use Spot to remotely search and scan hazardous environments or disaster areas.


Conduct virtual patient interviews or deliver medicine and food by mounting a tablet and other equipment on Spot.

Learn how Brigham and Women's Hospital is using Spot to protect healthcare workers.

Performance Art

Program expressive poses to use Spot as an entertainer in a show or amusement park.

Watch Spot pull Adam Savage around San Francisco or perform with Cirque du Soleil.


Integrate Spot with sensors and software to develop applications with industry partners. 

Learn how JPL used Spot to win the DARPA Subterranean Challenge Urban Circuit.