Developer Platform

Build custom applications and payload hardware for Spot with the Developer Platform. Application developers can use the Spot Software Development Kit (SDK) to control the robot, access sensor data, and integrate with Spot's autonomy system. Payload developers can add custom sensors or extra compute power to Spot through mechanical, electrical, communication, and software interfaces.


Teleoperation Application

Program your own application and design a custom UI to control Spot remotely and see through Spot's cameras in real-time. Send commands like body posing, velocity, and direction to the robot.

Learn more about our tablet interface and autonomous route planner Autowalk, built on the SDK.

Autonomous Route

Record maps and create your own missions with behavior trees by programming actions associated with specific points on the map. Later, use those missions to autonomously navigate your planned routes.

Learn more about HoloBuilder's custom-built app SpotWalk.

Custom Payload

Use Spot’s mechanical and electrical interfaces, documented in the SDK, to integrate sensors or custom payloads.

Learn more about Trimble (pictured) and FARO's laser scanning integrations.

Data Pipeline

Process critical data in real-time and trigger actions using intelligent models created by our AI partners.

Learn more about our partner Vinsa’s computer vision pipeline.