Mobile Case Handling

Mobile Case Handling: Stretch and the Evolution of Handle


Two years ago, we shared our prototype robot Handle to let the world know that Boston Dynamics is creating a mobile robotic case handling solution for warehouse automation. Now, we are sharing the results of this effort: Stretch, a case handling robot that will unlock low-infrastructure automation in warehouses. In this session we will dive into some of the attributes and capabilities of this groundbreaking solution. 

This session was originally presented at ProMat DX. 

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Retail, warehousing, and distribution firms throughout Japan rely on IHI Industrial Logistics and Machinery to help them solve the labor challenge by automating material handling using AS/RS and robotic systems. Boston Dynamics computer vision system automates complex depalletizing for system integrator IHI's customers.

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While robotic automation has changed manufacturing over the past decades, it has yet to penetrate warehousing in a meaningful way. In this session, we will dig into why warehousing processes are difficult to automate and expand on our long-term vision for warehouse automation.

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