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Boston Dynamics to showcase ‘PICK’ System at the 2019 PROMAT Show

04/02/2019 | Press Release

From April 8-11th, manufacturing and supply chain innovators gather at Chicago's McCormick Place to see and showcase the latest trends and technology and Boston Dynamics will be center stage demonstrating the world’s first deep-learning based depalletizing robot, PICK. Pick makes fast work of breaking down palletized boxes – particularly mixed and randomly sorted boxes and can dismantle pallets humming along at up to a 720 boxes an hour!

Boston Dynamics’ New Rolling, Leaping Robot Is an Evolutionary Marvel

03/01/2017 | Wired Magazine

Handle isn’t just a startling reminder that highly sophisticated robots are here and stealing jobs, but that humans can create robotic forms superior to anything you’ll find in nature. 

Boston Dynamics' New One-Armed Robot Is Adorable

06/23/2016 | Popular Mechanics

Meet the newest member of the bot family, SpotMini.

Why roboticists are raving about Boston Dynamics' new robot

02/25/2016 | Washington Post

“They’ve set a new bar,” said Aaron Ames, a Georgia Tech robotics professor. “It’s a huge step towards getting robots that can actually operate in our world in unstructured environments on uneven terrain.”

Spot Is Boston Dynamics' Nimble New Quadruped Robot

02/10/2015 | IEEE

Spot is a four-legged robot designed for indoor and outdoor operation.