Boston Dynamics Expands Global Sales of Spot® Robot

9/9/2020 | Press Release

Boston Dynamics, the global leader in mobile robotics, expanded commercial sales of Spot, the agile robot that climbs stairs and traverses rough terrain with ease, to the European Union, United Kingdom and Canada. This follows the launch of commercial sales of Spot in the U.S., and builds upon a successful Early Adopter Program that saw a number of companies in both Europe and North America integrate the robot into their operations.

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Boston Dynamics Launches Commercial Sales of Spot® Robot

6/16/2020 | Press Release

Boston Dynamics, the global leader in mobile robotics, today debuted sales for Spot, the agile robot that climbs stairs and traverses rough terrain with ease. This launch marks the first time that businesses can purchase a Boston Dynamics robot, and represents Boston Dynamics’ first online sales offering.

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Spot 2.0: Autonomy & Mobility

5/6/2020 | Blog Post

We're excited to announce Spot Release 2.0, which adds enhanced mobility, new APIs for developers, and additional payload support, among other improvements. Using these enhancements, users and application developers will have access to a broader variety of autonomous behaviors on Spot.

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Boston Dynamics COVID-19 Response

4/23/2020 | Blog Post

Healthcare providers need our help. In response, we've put together a preliminary robotic solution and sent Spot out to its first hospital to reduce the number of healthcare providers on the front lines. This first deployment of our mobile telemedicine platform enables providers to triage patients from afar, reducing risk to critical medical staff. To make it easier for healthcare workers to gain access to this technology, we’re open-sourcing all we’ve done and providing other mobile robotics companies the documentation and CAD files to implement this solution.

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Boston Dynamics Actuate Postponed

3/19/2020 | Update

Given the universal uncertainty around the progress of COVID-19 we are postponing the Boston Dynamics Actuate developer conference, originally scheduled for May. Boston Dynamics takes the health of our customers, partners, and staff seriously and the team is looking at dates for later this year as we monitor the conditions that will facilitate an engaging and productive event for our ecosystem of developers and creators.

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Boston Dynamics Partners with OTTO Motors to Coordinate Mobile Robots in the Warehouse

3/3/2020 | Press Release

Boston Dynamics and OTTO Motors today unveiled a demo of the future of warehouse automation. In a video released today, Boston Dynamics’s logistics robot, Handle, can be seen picking boxes and building pallets on top of OTTO autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) in a distribution center testbed.

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Boston Dynamics Grows Spot Developer Toolkit

1/23/2020 | Blog Post

We’re excited to announce two new efforts that will make our quadruped robotic platform, Spot, a flexible tool for developers. Read on to learn more about the open-sourcing of our Spot Software Development Kit and our first-ever user conference Actuate.

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Unlocking Jobsite Data with Spot

11/19/2019 | Blog Post

Boston Dynamics announces construction partnerships with HoloBuilder, FARO, and Trimble at Autodesk University. Read on to learn more about seamless project tracking with HoloBuilder, automating laser scans with FARO, and closing the loop with Trimble.

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Spot 1.1: Autowalk and Payloads

11/05/2019 | Blog Post

We're excited to announce Spot Release 1.1, which adds easy-to-use autonomy, payload support, and other improvements to the Spot platform. Read on for details of what's included.

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Boston Dynamics Acquires Deep Learning Based Vision Company

04/02/2019 | Press Release

Boston Dynamics today announced the acquisition of Kinema Systems, a Menlo Park-based company that enables industrial robotic arms with deep learning technology to locate and move boxes on complex pallets. Using a combination of vision sensors and deep learning software, Kinema Systems’ Pick technology works with leading commercial robotic arms to move boxes off pallets to conveyors or build stacks of boxes on pallets. Pick enables logistics, retail, and manufacturing companies to achieve high rates of box moving with minimal set up or training for both multi-SKU and single-SKU pallets.

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