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Boston Dynamics’ New Rolling, Leaping Robot Is an Evolutionary Marvel

03/01/2017 | Wired Magazine

Handle isn’t just a startling reminder that highly sophisticated robots are here and stealing jobs, but that humans can create robotic forms superior to anything you’ll find in nature. 

Boston Dynamics' New One-Armed Robot Is Adorable

06/23/2016 | Popular Mechanics

Meet the newest member of the bot family, SpotMini.

Why roboticists are raving about Boston Dynamics' new robot

02/25/2016 | Washington Post

“They’ve set a new bar,” said Aaron Ames, a Georgia Tech robotics professor. “It’s a huge step towards getting robots that can actually operate in our world in unstructured environments on uneven terrain.”

Spot Is Boston Dynamics' Nimble New Quadruped Robot

02/10/2015 | IEEE

Spot is a four-legged robot designed for indoor and outdoor operation.