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Boston Dynamics robots provide powerful solutions for many challenges that were previously impossible to effectively automate. Spot is a dynamic sensing solution designed for unstructured and human-purposed environments, while Stretch is a mobile manipulation robot designed for tough warehouse automation challenges.

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Spot with a Spot CAM+IR payload

Industrial Inspection

At industrial facilities, operational efficiency and safety depend on the regular inspection of critical machinery and production areas. Spot offers a robust solution to automate your inspection routines, equipped with payloads like thermal infrared (IR) cameras, optical pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras, radiation sensors, and more. Keep workers safe from hazards, identify problems before they escalate, and provide reliable equipment data needed to optimize operations.

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When equipped with our Spot CAM+IR offers a reliable solution for thermal inspection and analysis. Learn how regular, reliable, and repeatable thermal scans can cut maintenance costs and improve uptime.

Radiation Mapping

Spot with radiation sensors can collect hundreds or thousands of data points, creating high-precision rem maps without downtime or unnecessary exposure for people. Learn how automated radiation sensing can help your facility improve safety and cut costs.


Spot can capture reliable images in hard to reach areas using the Spot CAM+ and Spot Arm 4K in-gripper camera, integrating computer vision models to interpret the results with the CORE IO industrial computing payload. Learn more about how Spot help automate your visual inspection routines.

Gauge Reading

Spot can be deployed to check analog gauges throughout your facility. Boston Dynamics works with numerous partners that specialize in image processing programs for gauge reading and other common industrial inspection routines, as well as integrating hardware into facilities. Learn more about how we can automate gauge reading.


Asset Management

Spot regularly, reliably, and repeatably collect data for trend analysis in an asset performance management (APM) system. A robotic solution can capture thousands of data points a day to support predictive maintenance, enabling data-driven decisions and reducing unplanned downtime from equipment failure. Mission routes can be recorded and reused to perform remote inspections of your equipment and assets, freeing up maintenance teams and technicians to focus on high-level priorities rather than rounds and readings.

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Remote Monitoring

With autonomous charging capabilities and Scout, our remote operator software, Spot is a robust solution for remote monitoring. Whether accessing far-flung facilities, inspecting hazardous areas, or maintaining visibility during off-hours, Spot helps make effective use of employees’ time, detect issues early, and keep work moving.


Autonomous Rounds

In most industrial facilities, operators conduct rounds to capture relevant data and feed the information to an asset performance management (APM) system. Spot helps automated this process to save time and produce more consistent results.


Data Collection

Robotic data collection ensures consistency in data acquisition, including when, where, and how it is collected—all key considerations for automated trend analysis performed by APM software as a way to predict future equipment failures. Learn how the Spot solution enables more reliable data collection.

Warehouse Automation

A new generation of flexible, intelligent robots is creating new opportunities for warehouse automation. Stretch is tackling case handling tasks to improve worker safety and increase productivity.

See Stretch for Warehousing >

Truck Unload

Autonomously unload inbound trucks and shipping containers. Stretch quickly identifies cases and places them on a conveyor, moving up to 800 cases per hour. Its mobile base and long reach allow it to work through the full container with ease. Learn how autonomous case handling reduces supply chain bottlenecks.


Forthcoming Solutions

More solutions for Stretch are being developed to support a range of warehousing and supply chain challenges. These solutions include building orders and depalletizing. Stay tuned for more!

Solutions By Industry

Boston Dynamics offers robotic solutions to automate routine activities in human-purposed environments and enable remote operation in hazardous or inaccessible areas.

Learn about some of the industries where we support automation and data collection solutions.


Automate construction site data capture with Spot. Accurately and frequently document the reality of your jobsite and act on valuable data insights.

  • Site progress monitoring
  • Digital twin creation
  • Worker health and safety
See Spot For Construction


Ensure reliable manufacturing operations with dynamic data capture and autonomous inspections. Spot helps detect anomalies and turn insights into action.

  • Asset management
  • Remote inspections
  • Digital twin creation
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Public Safety

Keep people out of harm’s way and safely assess hazardous situations. Spot enables first responders to safely assess and de-escalate tense or hazardous situations.

  • Hazardous inspection
  • Suspicious package investigation
  • De-escalation and communication
See Spot For Public Safety

Power & Utilities

Automate sensing, inspection, and data capture in power generation, transmission and distribution facilities to meet the challenges facing the energy sector.

  • Worker safety
  • Digital transformation
  • Grid resiliency
See Spot For Utilities

Academia & Research

Accelerate your research and development, enhance student recruitment, and unlock opportunities for new curricula and teaching methodologies with Spot.

  • AI applications and data analysis
  • Applied research and development
  • Mobile manipulation
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