Pick™ - Machine Learning Depalletizing


Automate complex depalletizing using a machine learning vision system.

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A Smarter Way to Depalletize

Designed to work in the most challenging warehouse environments, Pick uses high-resolution 2D and 3D vision and machine learning algorithms to locate cartons on single, rainbow and mixed-SKU pallets, enabling fast depalletizing.

Eliminate bottlenecks in your inbound operations and keep goods moving.

Automate Your Operations


Maximize pick rates with up to 700 cycles per hour.



Handle a limitless number of SKUs, packaging and pallet sizes without pre-training.



Easily integrated with existing robotic arms, infrastructure and processes.


Take on Challenging Packaging

With sub-second case detection and image processing, Pick can accurately identify a range of packaging types, pallet sizes and peripherals like slip sheets without pre-training.

Mixed Sku Pallets

Machine learning algorithms designed for material handling allow Pick to keep up with a wide variety of SKUs.

Single SKU Layers

Pick can easily distinguish cases and boxes in tightly-packed single SKU layers.


Slip Sheets + Peripherals

Pick can detect and discard slip sheets, and autonomously identify empty pallets. Rather than stopping for an operator to manually remove slip sheets, Pick keeps your system moving automatically.

Diverse Packaging

Vision challenges are where Pick excels, easily identifying non-rectangular cases, trays of cans or bottles, and shrink-wrapped boxes.

Boxes With Openings

Whether gaps, holes or handles, Pick is not thrown off by boxes with visible openings, identifying and picking them without delay.

Banded Boxes

Banded boxes pose no problem for Pick’s computer vision.

Highly Graphical Boxes

Pick’s intelligent algorithms enable the system to reliably detect brightly colored, dark colored and patterned boxes, as well as boxes with printed graphics or markings.

Boxes with Reflective Tape

Pick works without special accommodations for low light or high contrast—identifying taped and reflective boxes, even in challenging lighting conditions.

“Pick’s ease of use and its ability to be trained with just a few samples of boxes from our customers resulted in a very quick on-premise installation.”

Takayuki Nakayama, Digital Transformation Manager, IHI

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