Robotic Automation for Construction Site Visibility

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Spot for Construction

Automate on-site data capture with Spot, the agile mobile robot.

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WHITEPAPER: The Benefits of Flexible Autonomy on Construction Sites

Comprehensive Site Visibility

Spot brings automation to the field for efficient data collection. Accurately and frequently capture the reality of your jobsite and act on valuable data insights.

Construction Capabilities

Add sensor payloads and software to Spot to customize its capabilities to meet your needs.

Site Progress Monitoring

Autonomously capture 360° images and video indoors or on challenging exterior sites. Frequently captured site progress snapshots can be contextualized in construction documents and used to automate insights and work-in-place reporting through emerging AI technologies.

Spot walks over loose dirt collecting 360 images.

BIM Model Compare

Equip Spot with a laser scanner and program routine scanning routes to collect highly precise 3D data on construction progress. Remotely measure critical areas of the site and compare as-built conditions to design intent within BIM to detect clashes early and minimize rework.

BIM Model Compare

Digital Twin Creation

Efficiently create accurate as-built models with 4D asset data that can be used for building operations. Routinely monitor and maintain properties in your real estate portfolio.

Digital Twin Creation

Worker Health and Safety

Use Spot to survey confined spaces and keep workers out of hazardous environments. Feed image data on programmed routes into specialized downstream software for the detection of health and safety issues.

Worker Safety
Meet our Customers
Brasfield and Gorrie
Rhomberg Sersa

“The ability of Spot to repeatedly and effortlessly complete routine scans, in an ever-changing environment was invaluable not only in terms of the consistency but also the large amount of high-quality data collected.”

Martha Tsigkari, Applied Research + Development PartnerFoster + Partners

“When we discuss our options for digital documentation at project startup, we now have an automated solution we can consider as well. When a project team needs regular documentation of a large jobsite and an automated solution is available to free up personnel to do higher-level tasks that only humans can do—well, that’s a pretty obvious decision."

Hunter Cole, Innovation and Operational Technology ManagerBrasfield & Gorrie

“I picked Spot because the platform exceeded other solutions we saw on the market. With its ability to move through a construction environment, and then, its ability to integrate, we could access the platform’s software and build with APIs if we needed to.”

Tristen Magallanes, Innovation AnalystSwinerton

Solution Features


Explore unstructured and dangerous environments with unprecedented mobility, going where wheeled robots and drones cannot.

Remote Site Access

Autonomous self-charging capabilities allow the robot to operate remotely for extended periods of time and perform lengthy data collection missions.

AUTONOMOUS data collection

Program repeatable autonomous missions for the robot to gather consistent data on a predetermined schedule or with the push of a button.

Partner network

Existing network of payload, software, and solution providers allows you to customize the robot for your application.

Trimble Solutions

Looking for an integrated solution that includes GNSS, RTS, and 3D laser scanning? Check out Trimble's exclusive turnkey Spot construction solutions featuring premier data collection, site survey, and global navigation system integrations.

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Spot on Site: Construction & Real Estate Solutions

Want to learn how Spot is being put to work in the Construction and Real Estate industries? Watch this presentation to see firsthand how Spot improves jobsite visibility and planning.

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