Robotic Thermal Inspection

Robotic Thermal Inspection

Webinar: Elevate Your Predictive Maintenance with Automated Thermal Inspections

Autonomous Thermal Inspection Routes with Spot

Detecting an overheating motor can be the difference between a $1,000 repair or a $50,000 replacement. As a result, routine thermal inspections are a major part of predictive maintenance operations, but collecting this valuable information frequently is still a challenge in many facilities.

Agile mobile robots like Spot are transforming condition monitoring with dynamic sensing, so industrial teams can make the most of their predictive maintenance programs.

“We have a lot of equipment that's got a really long life cycle and a slow rate of change. It's not economical for us to go and sensorize every piece of equipment in this really vast facility. It's probably more practical and actually quite a bit easier for us to use the mobile robotics approach.”

Samantha Garrison, Deputy Director Factory Automation, GF

“From an IR perspective, you look for these hot spots, and they are indicative of areas where there needs to be some mechanical treatment done. Having these images in advance, knowing the condition of the bushings, and knowing that there may or may not be any leaks – this information is extremely valuable.”

Dean Berlin, Lead Technology Analyst, National Grid

Advantage of Robotic Infrared Inspections

During an infrared inspection, thermal images are collected, providing pixel-level temperature data of pumps, motors, and electrical equipment. The use of an agile mobile robot helps collect this data more frequently and consistently than manual processes. This improves the data models of the health of your critical equipment and helps avoid unplanned downtime.

Thermal Inspection & Dynamic Sensing

Sensing for the Real World

Facilities are filled with equipment that has a slow rate of change. It’s not economical to sensorize every asset – Spot works as a mobile IoT device, bringing your sensors to each inspection point and legacy facilities to Industry 4.0.

Flexible Payloads

Equipped with Spot CAM+IR, Spot’s Autowalk missions and thermal inspection Actions allow you to specify areas of interest and set alarm thresholds that send alerts in Scout or create work orders via your asset management platform of choice. Our open architecture allows you to move the data where you need it most.

Unmatched Mobility and Autonomy

Spot is designed to move through human-purposed environments with ease, even up stairs or through tight corridors. With Spot’s tablet, users set Spot’s inspection route, configuring each data collection point along its path. Spot can not only autonomously move along this route, but also adjust when your environment does, moving around obstacles in its way, or even finding an alternative pathway to ensure a successful mission.

Customized Inspection Schedules

With Spot, you set your inspection schedule. Whether Spot’s rounds are during the day, at shift change, or after hours, operators can customize their schedules based on their needs. Missions can be scheduled using Spot’s tablet or through Scout.

Action & Analysis

Access your thermal inspection results when and where you need them

Thermal images can be analyzed using Scout, Spot’s browser-based desktop software. Scout provides trendline data per inspection point, and can automatically send email alerts when equipment is performing above set alarm thresholds.

Two operators review thermal data via Scout

Using the Spot and Scout API, Spot can easily integrate into your existing asset management ecosystem. Not only can missions be launched from within your asset management platform, the collected data can automatically trigger work orders for your maintenance team.

An alert displays on a mobile phone that a thermal anomaly has been detected

Additionally, Spot can be operated remotely anywhere in the world using Scout. Whether you need to send Spot into an area too dangerous for people, or get a closer look at a specific piece of equipment, Scout can help you get eyes on the situation.

A screenshot of Scout showing a thermal image captured by Spot

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