A nimble robot that climbs stairs and traverses rough terrain with unprecedented ease, yet is small enough to use indoors. Built to be a rugged and customizable platform, Spot has an industry track record in remote operation and autonomous sensing.


Advanced Technology

Spot goes where wheeled robots cannot, while carrying payloads with endurance far beyond aerial drones. With 360° vision and obstacle avoidance, the robot can be driven remotely or taught routes and actions to perform autonomous missions.

Developer Platform

Developers can create custom methods of controlling Spot, program autonomous missions, design payloads to expand the robot's capabilities, and integrate sensor information into data analysis tools. Spot's mounting rails, payload ports, and software development kit give customers the tools they need to customize the robot for their application.

Versatile Applications

By integrating Spot with software and sensors, the robot can perform tasks in a variety of industries. From documenting construction progress to monitoring remote environments, adding situational awareness, and even performing, Spot can be trusted to get the job done.

World-Class Support

Our training and support team is here to help you through set-up to full operation. Use our video tutorials, how-to articles, and detailed documentation to jumpstart your journey with Spot.



Inspect progress on construction sites, create digital twins, and compare as-built conditions to Building Information Modeling (BIM) autonomously with Spot.

Oil + Gas

Create autonomous routes or drive the robot to remotely inspect facilities and improve awareness of plant operations.

Electric Utility

Create autonomous routes or drive the robot to remotely perform inspections in electrified or radiation dense areas.


Create routine tunnel inspection routes and attach additional payloads to take measurements and ensure safe working conditions.

Public Safety

Drive Spot remotely to get eyes on dangerous situations or inspect hazardous packages from afar.


Use Spot to triage patients, deliver food and medicine, or disinfect rooms from afar.


Program dynamic movements and expressive poses through the API or drive the robot in real-time as part of a performance.


Integrate Spot with sensors and software to develop applications with industry partners. Academic pricing available.