Advanced Mobile Robots for Industrial Operations


Robots for the Real World

We build products robust enough for dull, dirt, and dangerous tasks, and agile enough for human-purposed environments.

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Dynamic Sensing
Capture data when and where you need it
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Mobile Manipulation
Enable fast, flexible case handling
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Smart Solutions
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Automate data capture
and inspection.

The Agile Mobile Robot

Spot is an agile mobile robot that offers unmatched mobility to tackle tasks in industrial environments and beyond.


A web-based software, Scout enables your to remotely operate your fleet of Spots and review insights about your site from anywhere.

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Equipped with the fully integrated Arm, Spot becomes a powerful mobile manipulation robot.

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Payloads and Extras

Spot can be equipped with a range of payloads to support data capture, processing, navigation, and more.

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Our robust partner network helps enable our customers with even more solutions, software, and payloads for Spot.

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Mobile, automated case handling for more efficient warehouse operations.

A Warehouse Automation Robot

Stretch is a versatile mobile robot for case handling and truck unloading.


Stretch uses an advanced vision system detects boxes and container surroundings.


Stretch is equipped with a purpose-built arm and gripper for strength, speed, and reach.


Stretch is built to maneuver in and out of trucks and tight spaces in a warehouse.


Stretch can work a full shift on a single charge, operating effectively without fixed infrastructure.

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